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About Rai Ang

About Rai Ang

The president, Yu-Sung Yang, who relies on his 7-year working experience in the processing industry for MUJI of Japan, which has been in operation for 23 years, leads Rai-Ang Enterprise Co., Ltd.

In 2002, as times were changing, President Yang insisted on high quality and the concept of an innovating spirit to establish Rai-Ang Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Since the establishment of Rai-Ang, we have strived toward innovation of new techniques and a high quality of customer service. More recently, we have been expanding our manpower and automation equipment to develop OEM and ODM markets, such as producing the facilities of opening new business, especially in cooperation with CLARES of UK to provide equipment of TESCO. We will continue to insist on excellence in our pursuit of overseas markets.

We fabricate and manufacture wire to specifications from concept to completion. Providing design services where necessary. Working in carbon steel; stainless steel: wire mesh; expanded metal; perforated metal; sheet, rod & bar stock. Standard products include: baskets of all types & materials; wire forms; displays; hooks; hangers; rings; screens; grills; filters; wire shelving; rotating plating drums. Finishes: painting, plating, electropolishing, passivating, PVC plastic & Epoxy coatings; vvinyl. Contract Machining, turning, milling, machinery rebuilding.

●Come to us with anything ,,, an idea that needs development, or a rough sketch, or a blueprint, or a sample of an existing product.
●We will work with you to determine the most cost efficient way and production.
●We can make experienced recommendations,if need.
●We will produce prototypes for you ... quickly.
●We can work to improve design and production on existing parts to save you money.