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Rai Ang Enterprise Co., Ltd. fabricate and manufacture wire to specifications from concept to completion. Providing design services where necessary. Working in carbon steel; stainless steel: wire mesh; expanded metal; perforated metal; sheet, rod & bar stock. Standard products include: baskets of all types & materials; wire forms; displays; hooks; hangers; rings; screens; grills; filters; wire shelving; rotating plating drums. Finishes: painting, plating, electropolishing, passivating, PVC plastic & Epoxy coatings; vvinyl. Contract Machining, turning, milling, machinery rebuilding. DESIGN & ENGINEERING SERVICES ●Come to us with anything ,,, an idea that needs development, or a rough sketch, or a blueprint, or a sample of an existing product. ●We will work with you to determine the most cost efficient way and production. ●We can make experienced recommendations,if need. ●We will produce prototypes for you ... quickly. ●We can work to improve design and production on existing parts to save you money.

Corner Shelf, Wire Corner Shelf

Rai Ang Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been a leading supplier of corner shelf, wire corner shelf to both independent and national training organizations since 2002. We offer a full range of corner shelf up to date modern styles specifically designed for customers to meet the needs of competition. Our ranges of series are available in industrial standard and tailor made designs. If you have questions concerning our wire shelving accessories, please feel free to get in touch with the contact person responsible for your region, use our general contact form or contact us at the headquarters. We are here for you!
Wire Corner Shelf


Corner Shelf (Triangle)

14" 355mm
18" 456mm
24" 608mm
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Rai Ang Enterprise Co., Ltd. starts to use automated production process in order to increase quality and competitive of corner shelf in recent years. Rai Ang Enterprise Co., Ltd. strives to be the best wire corner shelf company in the world. We achieve this through technical innovation and automation backed by best in class global business practices. Our reputation for customer service is unrivalled, as all of our customers have their own dedicated account manager and are supported by an administration team with years of experience. If you'd like to find out how wire shelving accessories can help you, just drop me a line at rai.ang@msa.hinet.net